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Welcome / Introduction

Welcome to Kedaiweb Official API for the developer. You can extend the kedaiweb store whatever you want via API.

What is the API?
API is the Application Programming Interface to view any raw data from your kedaiweb store. You can create your dashboard, notification, order view from the API outside the kedaiweb store meaning you don't need to login to kedaiweb to view data.

Kedaiweb API need to a have a developer to work on and if you are the developer that currently work any e-commerce project, application, mobile app or simple e-commerce and Kedaiweb store is the best place to start.

Guide to Developer
Kedaiweb use two methods GET and POST to pull the data from kedaiweb store and token via URL with parameter ?token=xxxxxx|x

Authentication Token
Kedaiweb use simple authentication token via URL as an example below
URL token goes here
Once register and set up your store, you can view your authentication token at https://kedaiweb.co/app/edit-profile under section token.

Subdomain kedaiweb or your custom domain
Kedaiweb API build in by default every single store URL either you are using default subdomain store yourstore.kedaiweb.co or yourdomain.com   if you are using a subdomain, https should be used while custom domain either http:// or https:// (Secure site addon must be purchase first)

url subdomain api
custom domain api

Data output format
Common output data for API is JSON format and by default, kedaiweb will display to JSON format type of data.

Kedaiweb Developer Support
If you are developer need to have support from kedaiweb, wanted to have new endpoint simply join us at our official kedaiweb telegram support. https://t.me/kedaiwebdeveloper