Free eCommerce System pre-built marketing component

The ecommerce system comes with four pre-built agent to help you get started faster. and payment gateway ready.

Manage e-Commerce

Kedaiweb is a great free ecommerce system based on Malaysia Trend that includes the most important components and features.

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Manage Agent

Have many agent to manage or agent as your sales channel? Kedaiweb is a great free ecommerce that pre-built agent order and it make you painless!

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Manage Dropship/Affiliate

Ecommerce done! Agent Done! Now the most sales channel are dropship and affiliate. Kedaiweb make you happy with this feature to your store.

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Awesome features

The kedaiweb comes with three pre-built component to help you get started faster. You can change the text and images and you're good to go.

  • Your Brand Name & Logo
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Manage Agent, Dropship & Affiliate

Core Components

Don't let your brain stress to manage order via social media apps! Manage with confident with our order management.

Everything in one place start selling product, inventory, customers, agent, shipping, and even marketing such as SMS blast to your customers.

  • Setup store less than 2 minutes
  • Unlimited Product, Customer and Agent
  • Integrate with SenangPay for payment gateway
  • Integrate with BillPlz for payment gateway
  • Track your visitors, Sales and growth trends

Forget the technical stuff, let's kedaiweb handle the rest!

Don't limit your business if you don't know technical stuff to go online! Let's kedaiweb take care of it for your online store.

Focus on what's next todo for your business to growth with and what you love to do in online business. Got idea to enhance? tell us at

The power of kedaiweb store

Kedaiweb team has been assist entrepreneurs around 🇲🇾 Malaysia.




Store Agent





Modern Interface

Kedaiweb trust if User Interface (UI) are friendly enough, user are happy to use it and we has been design the most friendly ecommerce system.

Awesome Support

Most application come with support so customer can ask assistant to our dedicated team.

Kedaiweb Support
Share Components

If kedaiweb has new feature, all stores get the same component and this is the benefit if we are using the same platform which is kedaiweb.

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The amazing Team

Good business come with good team. So, you has been a part of this amazing team if you have store with kedaiweb.

Mahfudz UI/UX & Technical
Fikri Lead Operation
Saifullah Lead Support
Akmal Trainer

We made ecommerce easier for you.

The ecommerce system comes with four pre-built agent to help you get started faster. You can change the text and images and you're good to go.

All the features you need

Kedaiweb Store perfect to start ecommerce business

Site Analytic

Tracking your visitor to improve next action plan if you have a data in your store.

Dashboard Summary

Quick summary for your store to make you motivate each day with your store.

Tuned for SEO

You store has been tuned for Search Engine Optimization for better search results.


Track their order with ease. No more loss your order if your phone missplace.


Now you can make coupon code for your next marketing campaign at your store.


Never loss order details. Online invoice that can access anywhere for your customer.


Set your shipping preference either flat, weight or even item based.


Start posting about your product to boost your visibility and search engine results.

Payment Gateway

Integrate SenangPay and Billplz payment gateway to make your order stress free.


Never loss database customer. Start collecting now and be organize.


Export and excel from your agent, customer, subscriber, and database order.

Custom Domain

White Label. Change to your own branding domain.

SMS Blast

Send sms blast direct from kedaiweb store to your customers. Simple and easy.


Simple content page that you can easily addon to present your store information.


All store dashboard, your online store to your customer are responsive. Full stop.

Want to collaborate with us?

Your idea is very important to help the the rest store.


They manage with awesome sales A part of our kedaiweb store