User friendly e-commerce for you.

Full features from kedaiweb.


A place for content management system with e-commerce features.


Database Management, Order, Customer, Agent, Product with ease.


Your own store, your own way to market it. Control everything.


Summary your store, Sales Summary, Product Summary, Customer Summary.


Store analytics, top page ranking by visitor, page view and etc.


Hire, Manage, make more sales with your agent. Prebuild.

Agent Product Link

Easily agent to make their sales with affiliate link for each product.


Set your own coupon code. Flexible code and discount, unlimited.


Customize your invoice, Logo, Payment Terms with ease.


Your own blog and article to support your marketing channel.


Collect, manage your own subscriber from your own store.


Highlight you promotion with store slider, any campaign or product.


Manage page, unlimited to describe your store such as About Store and etc.


Define your shipping, region, zone and delivery method such as Cash on Delivery.


Showcase your testimonial, customer feedback at simple view. Unlimite and easy.

Custom CSS

Customize your store everything, button color, background image with CSS.

Custom JavaScript

Enable to embed chat widget, any widget that required javascript.


Manage your product, database product and details pricing. Unlimited.

Digital Product

Manage and sell digital product, PDF, Video or license with ease.

Variation Product

Create variation product, eg: Red Tshirt with S, M, L size options.

Event Ticket

Manage event? sell your ticket + ticket variation. Unlimited.

Upload Product

Enable customer to attach the design or item during add to cart session.


Manage your product category, 2 level category group. Unlimited.


Sell multiple brand? group your product by each brand. Showcase it.


Manage your inventory, each product with simple report. Easy.

QR Pay Scan

Attach your QR Code from your preferred bank into an invoice.

Payment Gateway

Integrate with Billplz, SenangPay, and ToyyibPay. Credit/Debit card ready.

Lead Generation

Identifying, cultivating potential customer for you business in your store.

Guest Checkout

Quick sales with guest checkout at your store. Easy for your customer.

Customer Checkout

Existing customer easily checkout and manage their order with ease.

WhatsApp Store

Sell more with kedaiweb WhatsApp store. Easy tracking your next customer.

WhatsApp Notify

Send invoice/bill link order to WhatsApp customer with ease. Simplified.

SMS Blast

Highlight your next product/marketing with SMS blast. Integrated and easy.

Facebook Pixel

Run FB ad? Integrate FB Pixel into your store. Track your customer behavior.

Google Analytics

Tracking your own store with Google Analytic. Know what to do next in your store.


Customer easily track your shipment in single page invoice/bill url.


Your data easily export to Excel/CSV format or Import your data to kedaiweb.

Own Domain

Use your own instead easily. Fast.

Integrate Shipment

Easy shipment integration with Delyva, Easyparcel, and MyParcelAsia

Store Gallery

Easily display product in WhatsApp without attaching all the product photo.

Secure Site

Secure all store by default. Increase customer trust to buy at your store.


Kedaiweb provide several theme for you to get started depending on your business.


Collect prospect with pre-order invoice for your customer. Good strategy.


Able to extend your custom store such as dashboard or notification Kedaiweb API

Kedaiweb Network

More than just manage your own store, it's network and connected each other.

Custom Form

Customize your product by additional form field to collect any extra details.